Bella was our first pap, she has lived up to what a Papillon is gentle, loving, trusting, agile, intelligent, but most of all devoted to us. We must thank Maria Jones of Mariajon for letting us have Bella. Gail has shown our dogs at champion and open shows.

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Papillons are small, friendly, elegant toy dogs. They are gentle, alert and vivacious. They make good house pets as well as watchdogs or rodent hunters. The Papillon ranks number one Toy in obedience. The Papillon is believed to be originally from France or Belgium. They are also said to have descended from the Spanish dwarf spaniel. The Papillon is one of the oldest breeds of dogs with a recorded history in Europegoing back nearly 700 years. This breed was also known as Continental Toy Spaniel, or Squirrel Spaniel. The drop eared variety of the breed are known as Phalene (moth). The breed has the connotation of a dainty toy breed, but many owners will claim that they act like big dogs in small dogs' bodies. There are several possible reasons for this. First, Perhaps they seem to be larger dogs because for many people Papillons appear not to be prone to small dog quaking when confronted with new situations. In fact, some Papillon owners believe that their dogs interpret any new event as having been put on for their benefit, and that the dogs do their best to be attentive hosts or hostesses. Another aspect of the Papillon that has led many to believe the "big dog" assertion is this breed's surprising athletic ability. Perhaps people are surprised that in contrast to its staid and stately representation in the Old Master portraits, the Papillon is highly energetic and intelligent (Stanley Coren, in The Intelligence of Dogs, rates the Papillon eighth among all breeds. HTTP://WWW.STANLEYCOREN.COM  / Provided their genetic structure is sound and they are healthy, Papillons are built for movement, and most do not need any encouragement to apply their energy to athletic activities. In order to make a Papillon coat really shine to its fullest, it should be brushed once or twice a day, and the dog bathed at least every two weeks. As puppies, Papillons have silky, medium length fur. They go through an "Ugly Baby stage," in which they lose much of their baby fur and grow in their adult fur. They will love every person in your family, but they will still attach themselves to one particular person, possibly the one that feeds it, Highly recommended for first-time dog owners

                                           MARIAJON LADY ISABELLA OF TAMGAPA

                                                          JASMINE AND BELLA

                                                       LADY POLLYANA OF TAMGAPA & LADY ISABELLA OF TAMGAPA